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Back on your screens

Actualizado: 10 jul

Leading in Complexity is back! It was such a luxury to lead the Program again. One full week in a beautiful place in nature -with all due respect for COVID protocols-. A group of interesting participants from different sectors, companies, backgrounds, and seniority levels. Great conversations, good questions, and update on key issues... from geopolitics to science, technology, genetics, or ethics in order to prepare ourselves for what is coming by making sure that we understand the present and the future. We had an array of incredible speakers from many disciplines, state-of-the-art workshops, and a series of Executives from different companies who had the generosity to share their experience with all of us. In the picture with Xavier Coll, Human Resources & Organization Executive Director from Caixabank, one of the Program´s founders. What a treat. A great thank you to all the companies who once again decided to send us their leaders -plus some newcomers- and to Fundación CEDE - Confederación Española de Directivos y Ejecutivos (CEDE) for trusting me to direct the Program. It almost felt as if life was ours again.

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