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Shine's presentation in Geneva was a Success

Actualizado: 10 jul

Just back from Geneva, and what a beautiful experience it was! The venue was stunning, the people were great, and the cocktail was fantastic. I'm incredibly grateful to my friends Gemma Capellas Espuny and Jesus Guerrero for giving me the royal treatment, and to everyone who came to listen and engage in powerful conversations.

We delved into #self-care, the importance of having a sense of #purpose, and how crucial it is to renew ourselves regularly to avoid getting lost or jaded. We also discussed the #game of influence and its growing significance in today's world.

It was wonderful to see some of my colleagues from international organizations. We had meaningful discussions about the importance of a stronger, clearer, and more efficient #international order, one that can address the pressing questions of the present and future.

Although, as my dear Cecile Barayre-El Shami highlighted, all of us in the room were young, I am especially grateful for the many #young people in the room. And, as always, grateful to #SHINE for taking me to places where I can meet kindred spirits. I feel GRATEFUL for the many people who helped make it a success, for those I had the opportunity to meet for first time and for many, who, like my dear Mar Capeans, were there on Friday and also two years ago when I presented Shine in Spanish. 

The adventure has just started... and I know that the English version is going to open up the world even wider to the many people who are already part of the #ShineMovement

I will return to Geneva soon. I miss my crowd there and am eager to continue being part of the conversations that aim to create better futures together.

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