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That we played together last week with a carefully curated group of #thoughtleaders and #executives from different disciplines from #geopolitics to #science, #technology , or #ethics . What an amazing week. The perfect environment for reflection and growth at a time when there are no right or wrong answers.

A Program designed both to support our participants and keep them company in the process of refining their questions in the exercise of leadership for themselves and for their world, currently and into the future.

A mission increasingly worth pursuing in a world where #greatleadership will be a crucial comparative advantage while sooner or later #pseudoleadership will become just a commodity substitutable by some advanced version of #artificialintelligence. In the end, almost just an excuse to engage in the #essential

quest, that of knowing thyself, in the pursuit of more beautiful, truthful, colorful, and precious lives.

Grateful to our participants, to their organizations, to the whole team and to Fundación CEDE for trusting me to continue leading a program which continues to be the best they have attended for most of our participants. More soon.

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