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The #ShineAdventure continues!

Actualizado: 5 jun

Join me next Friday in Geneva at 19:00 for a book presentation, an engaging conversation, and a fantastic cocktail event. The presentation will be in English, featuring the new, updated version of #Shine. We will discuss great leadership, the power of self-transformation, and how to be part of the solution in an #AI-driven world.

I need YOU in the room, especially those who have participated in the many Leadership Development Programs I have led for UN agencies globally and are now in Geneva. I miss you. Let’s rekindle our curiosity and find the energy to continue #playingthegamesthatdeserveus.

A heartfelt thanks to my friends and colleagues, Gemma Capellas Espuny and Jesus Guerrero, for being the best partners, and to the Asociación de Funcionarios Internacionales Españoles and our sponsors for their support. Special gratitude to the @Museum of Art and History in Geneva for providing their beautiful venue.

The Shine Movement is starting to take form. Proud...

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