• Ana de Andrés


In July we received an award to the Best Executive Development Program at an event organized by ADECCO and the newspaper "El Mundo" ... and in September the program was awarded the "Global HR Award" to the Best Management Development Program all of Heineken subsidiaries globally, being selected as the favorite among more than 70.

The "How Heineken" Program, which got the prize, is one of the programs that I most have enjoyed the most throughout my career. Right from the design, with the "Leadership & Talent" team, I lived it as a luxury. We started the design phase in 2015 with clarity on the purpose and goals and freedom and care regarding the contents ... factors that time proves me are key to creating a great program.

The program is a strategic mix of initiatives based on what the most cutting-edge research define as the key ingredients for maximum impact: assessment, challenge and support. To me it represents the chance to meet all "People Managers" at the Spanish subsidiary (around 160 people) and lead them through group coaching sessions which are giving me an extraordinary vision of the organization. "How Heineken" also includes one of the best platforms for blended/online learning that I've seen in Spain so far in the area of ​​management development. However,

I must confess that what I'm most enjoying is to train and support what we have called the group "Cómplices" (which in Spanish has a positive connotation of complicity and we could translate as "partners"), or internal coaches, who are supporting these managers in their process of self-knowledge and development and are nearly 20 people from various departments. A courageous and profound work initiative that can have a big impact on the organization. I am grateful for the awards, but especially for the opportunity to be part of the team and to accompany my managers and my "cómplices" during a piece of their path. 

En Julio nos dieron el Premio al Mejor Programa de Desarrollo Directivo en un acto organizado por ADECCO y El Mundo... y en Septiembre el Programa fue distinguido con el "Global HR Award" al mejor programa de Desarrollo Directivo de la empresa Heineken a nivel global, siendo seleccionado como favorito entre los presentados por las más de 70 subsidiarias en el mundo.