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Leading in Extraordinary Times: Are you ready to give what it takes?

Last week we closed a 5-month Program with a group of senior leaders from Heineken´s Americas Export Team. A great treat and an opportunity to discuss what it takes to be great leader these days. An in-depth itinerary starting at leading self and progressing towards redefining the ways we lead our teams and how do we renew our value proposition towards the organization. We also discussed how to live from influence, establishing a different relationship with our environment.

The best part, as always, was an array of powerful conversations with great human beings. As it is usually the case, they learned a lot from each other, and I learned a lot from them.

Thank you, Andrea Vogliazzo, Managing Director of the Heineken Americas Export Team and Andrea Larraya, their Human Resources Director, for trusting me to create a Program in accordance with the times.

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