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Make 2024 your year to Shine

Actualizado: 10 jul

Happy New Year, fellow travelers. After many detours, a new and revised edition of SHINE is out.  An English edition for those of you who have been asking for a translation and hopefully for many new people all over the world. 

An improved version, suitable for the present times, when there are no right or wrong answers.  For a world where great leadership is and will be a crucial comparative advantage while pseudo leadership will become just a commodity substitutable by some advanced version of Generative AI.  An invitation for all of us to engage in the essential quest, that of knowing thyself, in the pursuit of more beautiful, truthful, colorful, and precious lives. 

2 important details:

1-  Where to find it? Just a click away. 

2- There will be fun bonus material and AMA sessions for the first 100 people who buy Shine in English as well as for those who write a Review –for the Spanish or the English version- on Amazon.  Stay tuned for more news. 

Borges used to say that the dedication of a book, "like all the acts of the universe, is a magical act".  I hope that my magical act reaches all those who have made SHINE possible. 

Let me start with my parents, who gave me the vice of reading as well as my siblings, their partners, my nieces and my nephew. 

Those who have allowed me to share their stories throughout its pages and who appear individually: Ana Julia Suriel SánchezLaverne WebbMaria HutchinsonHernani Escobar RodriguezMar Capeans and Xavier Coll, and collectively: the UNAMID leaders, the Fundación SM leaders and my students from Programa para el Fortalecimiento de la Función Pública en América Latina.  And my dear Mario Alonso Puig, who wrote the most beautiful foreword. 

Those who joined the “kindred spirits” team for the English version: Gabriel Plaza GajardoGemma Capellas EspunyJoumana MattarMaite Zazo AlmagroPatricia Varela and Paula Andrea Bonetto.  And Marta Prieto Asirón who embarked with me on the adventure of publishing Shine for the first time.

And those from whom I have learned and continue to learn the most every day: my clients and students, often extraordinary people from different worlds who have taught me almost all the important things I know. 

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate SHINE to the part of me that was determined it would see the light of day and that has given me no break despite the many reasons I had, and still have, to continue with the rest of the things I was doing. 

May the Force be with us!

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